bamboo plants nursery melbourne
bamboo plants nursery melbourne
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
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  • gracilis bamboo along fence to provide green screen and feature.
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There are two main types of Bamboo: Clumping and Running.

Bamboo plants frog | many different bamboo varieties

Bamboo has the ability to grow very quickly and is highly resilient in most conditions. Use it as a screen, wind break or just as an ornament to make your garden look stunning.

This page offers information about the different types of bamboo. If you would like to know more then please contact Bamboo Creations Victoria.


Information about the 2 Types of Bamboo

Image of clumping bamboo

Clumping Bamboo
showing clumping habit

Image of spreading or running bamboo

Spreading/Running Bamboo
showing spreading habit

Authentic Name:

Sympodial Bamboo

Authentic Name:

Monopodial Bamboo

Difference: Shorter and new shoots appear closer to the mother culms. Clumping bamboo "will not spread" it only springs new canes from within and around the base of the clump. This bamboo is fantastic for hedging, garden features and it also looks great in a decorative pot. You can control the shape and size of clumps by cutting the shoots. It's important to know that some Clumping Bamboos form much smaller and tighter clumps than others, which means they will take up less space than the more open clumpers.

Difference: Longer and fast-spreading rhizomes. If not contained or maintained regularly, running bamboo could become a nuisance. This type of bamboo can run underground and pop up to cover an increasingly larger area; however it can be easily contained with root barriers, raised beds, or by rhizome pruning.

The most popular Running Bamboo would be the Phyllostachys nigra /Black Bamboo. Pot sizes are available in 20cm to 50cm Bamboo Creations also supplied the best quality Root Barrier 

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Clumping bamboo requires less maintenance due to the restriction of wandering rhizomes.

This bamboo is fantastic for groves, hedging, decorative pots and general landscaping providing it is maintained.

Important Information

Bamboo will tolerate all soil types but may take longer to establish in very heavy clay.

When planting bamboo do not disturb the root ball and do not plant deeper than it is potted. Treat new bamboo as you would any other new plant until established. Once it is established it will be extremely water wise and almost totally self-sufficient.

Larger varieties can be grown in pots that will restrict their overall height, if you do not have the space to plant them in the ground.

If you have the space but do not want the height, bamboo can be pruned to any height and will not re-shoot from the cut. Pruning an established tree should be done once a year, as clumping varieties shoot mid to late summer and spreading varieties shoot from mid to late spring. This will give the bamboo ample time to build up energy and release the following season.

Every bamboo species we sell has been grown in Victoria and will cope with all weather conditions and temperatures this state can endure.

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