bamboo plants nursery melbourne
bamboo plants nursery melbourne
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
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  • bamboo creations victoria
  • bamboo creations victoria
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  • bamboo creations victoria bamboo nursery
  • gracilis bamboo along fence to provide green screen and feature.
  • black bamboo providing upper balcony privacy.
  • Gracilis grown in bendigo integrated as part of a stunning outdoor seating area.

Making bamboo simpler for you.

Another Location to make it easier for you.

To make things easier for our customers we are organising another location (Frankston), in addition to our Riddells Creek nursery, where you can pick up your plant/bamboo orders. At this stage it is strictly by appointment only. Give us a call on 1300 654 454, place your order and have a chat about the best place to pick up to avoid delivery costs. Just another way we are trying to see our beautiful bamboo in wonderful gardens.

Thank you
Bamboo Creations Victoria.
Bamboo creations victoria deliver all bamboo plants to melbourne metro

How to Order

Our hours do change from time to time due to Deliveries or Events so we encourage you check our web page. Most customers call ahead to let us know there coming to visit.

By phone or Email:
The quickest way to get a quote is by phone

We are all stocked up with many pot size to suit your budget. Bamboo Creations supplies high quality bamboo at affordable prices.

See our previous happy customers and their beautiful plants:
Jump onto our Customer Gallery on our web page, or visit us on Facebook and Instagram and there you will see many of our happy customers.

Welcome to the Largest Bamboo Collection in
Melbourne, Victoria!
Bamboo Creations Victoria accept mastercard and visa payments

Opening Hours

Nursery Hours:.
Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm, Please call first on 1300 654 454
Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 10am - 4pm
Please note: Our Opening hours change from time to time due to our yearly events. Please check here if you wish to visit our nursery as we will list any changes in opening times.

Thank you for your understanding.

Where are we Next?

Visit us at our Bamboo Nursery and also:

Sat 14th May -> Violet Town Market

Please view our Blog as we write about the markets and expos. Leave us a comment if you would like to know something about bamboo or our range.

link to the bamboo creations victoria nursery google map

Map to our Nursery

Come and Visit our Bamboo Nursery.

Located in the picturesque Riddells Creek, Vic.

50 Meadowbrook Way,
Riddells Creek, Melbourne

More Detailed Map Below
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Bamboo Creations Victoria is a specialised bamboo nursery.

We grow in Melbourne, Victoria and propagate most of our bamboo from good quality mother stock to ensure vigorous, healthy plants.

Our website and blog is designed to give you information about wonderful Bamboo.

Bamboo Plants

Over 55 Bamboo varieties available in many pot sizes and more are being trailed and tested for Melbourne and Victoria's extreme weather conditions.

We are Specialists In:

The bamboo species we have selected are the most stunning, versatile and useful varieties for any garden, patio, courtyard or farm.

Bamboo Information

With over 55 varieties available, our friendly, professional staff will help you choose the right bamboo to suit your needs.

We are Melbourne and Victoria's most comprehensive bamboo nursery and provide quality bamboo plants for commercial landscapers or home gardeners.

Bamboo Creations Victoria attends many garden expos and markets all year round and travel as far as Sydney, Adelaide, and Canberra. Please visit, Our Locations for more details

Call us today with any enquiries you may have or to arrange an appointment to visit our bamboo farm at Riddells Creek, Melbourne Victoria in the beautiful Mount Macedon Ranges

Customer Service

  • So we can give you 100% service - Please give us a call first on 1300 654 454.
  • Ring in the morning and come and see us the same day
  • We are fully committed in our products and the service that you receive.
  • Delivery to Melbourne every week.
  • We Freight and Courier to most part of Australia.

At Bamboo Creations Victoria we stock some of the most amazing and beautiful exotic bamboo in the world.

bamboo creations victoria front gate and drive full of bamboo

Riddells Creek Victoria

50 Meadowbrook Way, Riddells Creek, Melbourne

More information: Our Location page

Bamboo Creations Victoria accept mastercard and visa payments
We can also deliver to you using an Express Delivery Service or Australia Post.

Events Coming Up

Please visit our Location for
for More information.
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