bamboo plants nursery melbourne
bamboo plants nursery melbourne
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
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  • bamboo creations victoria
  • bamboo creations victoria
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  • gracilis bamboo along fence to provide green screen and feature.
  • black bamboo providing upper balcony privacy.
  • Gracilis grown in bendigo integrated as part of a stunning outdoor seating area.

Clumping Bamboo Varieties

Clumping bamboo "will not spread" it only springs new canes from within and around the base of the clump. Shorter and new shoots appear closer to the mother culms. This bamboo is fantastic for hedging, garden features and it also looks great in a decorative pot.

Bambusa albo minor (Cream Stripe Bamboo)

Creamstripe bamboo makes a great living wall. It has light green culms with cream and white stripes.

Bambusa balcooa (balcooa Bamboo)

Balcooa bamboo is originally from Indian. Shoots are bitter but edible. Can be used for temporary constructions.

Bambusa chungii (Barbelletta Bamboo)

Barbelletta Bamboo has beautiful and tall culms that are covered in a white bloom.

Bambusa dolichomerithalla cv. blue (Doli Blue Bamboo)

Nice tight clump with leaves to the ground. Very tropical looking bamboo.

Bambusa eutuldoides (Phoenix Tail Bamboo)

Phoenix Tail forms an open clump and is very erect. Nodding tips resemble a Phoenix Tail.

Bambusa eutuldoides var. viridi-vittata (China Gold Bamboo)

China Gold has a giant umbrella with stunning golden yellow canes with green stripes.

Bambusa gibba (Jade Emperor Bamboo)

Jade Emperor has Deep green culms with dense foliage, forms an erect habit, great for a hedge or screen.

Bambusa indigena (Emerald Goddess Bamboo)

Emerald Goddess Bamboo is a hardy up-right bamboo. Great hedging plant or provides a dense privacy screen.

Bambusa malingensis (Maling Bamboo)

Maling bamboo is erect and dense. Good windbreak. Very tolerant of coastal conditions.

Bambusa multiplex (Hedge Bamboo)

Hedging bamboo has green culms and a Bushy shape which makes Bambusa multiplex an ideal hedge.

Bambusa multiplex cv (Golden Goddess Bamboo)

Golden goddess bamboo starts with new green new canes, changing to gold with age.

Bambusa multiplex cv (Stripestem Fernleaf Bamboo)

Stripestem Fernleaf is upright with small fern like foliage and thin green stripes along golden canes.

Bambusa multiplex cv. (Albo Striata Bamboo)

Albo Striata Bamboo is great for privacy screens. This would definitely be one of our top 5 bamboos.

Bambusa multiplex cv. (Alphonse Karr Bamboo)

Alphonse Karr is stunning. Culms start a beautiful pinkish colour, turns yellow with green stripes and emerald leaves.

Bambusa multiplex cv. Goldstripe (Gold Stripe Bamboo)

Gold Stripe bamboo has gold striped culms. Perfect for any small gardens or tight spaces.

Bambusa Multiplex cv. (Silverstripe Bamboo)

Silverstripe bamboo has a thick foliage making it a great windbreak.

Bambusa multiplex cv. (Willowy Bamboo)

Willowy bamboo is a tight clumping bamboo with masses of small willowy leaves. Ideal for hedging.

Bambusa multiplex var. (Chinese Goddess Bamboo)

The Chinese Goddess Bamboo plant has fine foliage giving it a delicate appearance. Suitable for bonsai.

Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii (Speedy Screen Bamboo)

Speedy Screen Bamboo can block out a two storey house in under three years.

Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata (Sunburst Bamboo)

Sunburst bamboo has green culms with bold yellow stripes. Great for specimen or screening.

Bambusa textilis (Weavers Bamboo)

Weavers bamboo is a nice tight clumper. Very erect and great for screening or specimen.

Bambusa textilis var. (Dark Weavers Bamboo)

Dark Weavers bamboo is a slightly open clump. Very erect. Ideal for screen or specimen.

Bambusa textilis var. Glabra (Silky Weaver Bamboo)

Silky Weaver Bamboo is a slightly open clump. Very erect. Ideal for screen or specimen.

Bambusa textilis var. gracilis (Slender Weavers Bamboo)

Gracilis bamboo can be used as a hedge to screen out neighbouring buldings or other non-desirable views.

Bambusa ventricosa (Buddha's Belly Bamboo)

Buddha's Belly Bamboo is an amazing bamboo. Buddha's belly is suitable for bonsai and great bamboo for pots.

Bambusa ventricosa kimmei (Golden Buddha's Belly Bamboo)

Golden Buddha's belly is similar to Buddha's Belly but has gold culms with green striations.

Bambusa vulgaris cv. Vittata (Painted Bamboo)

Painted Bamboo is a really stunning bamboo. Canes are gold with thick green stripes that really look painted.

Bambusa vulgaris cv. Wamin (Giant Buddha's Belly Bamboo)

Giant Buddha's belly is a sensational feature plant that needs space. A good looking ornament in the garden.

Dendrocalamus minor amoenus (Ghost Bamboo)

Ghost Bamboo is a beautiful bamboo. New canes form a white power then turn light green and yellow with dark stripes.

Drepanostachyum falcatum (Himalayan Weeping Bamboo)

Himalayan Weeping Bamboo is a soft drooped leaf bamboo. Does well in cooler climates like Victoria.

Drepanostachyum khasianum (Khasia Bamboo)

Khasia Bamboo has beautiful lime green glossy foliage. Canes have a white and purple ring which adds colour.

Fargesia nitida (Fountain Bamboo)

Fountain bamboo has thin foliage which hangs giving the appearance of a fountain. Canes become deep purple to black.

Fargesia spathacea (Umbrella Bamboo)

Umbrella Bamboo is an upright and delicate plant which prefers some shelter from strong winds.

Himalayacalamus falconeri damarapa (Candy Cane Bamboo)

Candy Cane Bamboo is a jewel from the Himalayas. Long red and yellow canes with dark green striping.

Himalayacalamus porcatus (Nepalese Blue Bamboo)

Nepalese Blue Bamboo has blue grey culms with long narrow leaves. Ideal for small gardens or ornamental screen.

Otatea acuminata aztecorum (Mexican Weeping Bamboo)

Mexican Weeping Bamboo has black culms if grown in full sun with very fine foliage.

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