bamboo plants nursery melbourne
bamboo plants nursery melbourne
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
Bamboo Creations Nursery melbourne phone number 1300 654 454.
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  • bamboo creations victoria
  • bamboo creations victoria
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  • gracilis bamboo along fence to provide green screen and feature.
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  • Gracilis grown in bendigo integrated as part of a stunning outdoor seating area.

There is no Plant or Tree quite like Bamboo.

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Bamboo has the ability to grow very quickly and is highly resilient in most conditions. Use it as a screen, wind break or just as an ornament to make your garden look stunning.

This page offers information about each of the bamboo varieties and other general information. If you would like to know more then please contact Bamboo Creations Victoria.

Bamboo Plant Specifications

View specifications on each of our bamboo plant varieties.    Visit our

Bamboo Specifications Page

Bamboo Planting Guide

Information on how best to plant your newly acquired Bamboo Plant.    View our

Bamboo Planting Guide

Bamboo Plant Types

Bamboo has 2 different types: Clumping and Running.   Find out more:

Bamboo Plant Types

Bamboo is truly an amazing plant - here is some information about Bamboo.

Image of bamboo garden with statue sculpture

Bamboo Facts

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  • Bamboo is a grass with a woody stock
  • There are over 1250 species growing around the world
  • Absorbs almost 5 times more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and produces 35% more oxygen then any tree
  • Some bamboos can grow a metre a day
  • Quickest growing screen or hedging plant
  • Beautiful ornamentals
  • Control erosion
  • Drought tolerant
Bamboo information to assist with your choice of which Bamboo to buy
Bamboo plants in a glasshouse

Bamboo - Is it versatile?

  • A hedge
  • Ground cover
  • Landscaping
  • Garden feature
  • Beautiful ornament
  • Construction structures small or large

You may want to plant bamboo as a windbreak , block out neighbours, or that two storey building close to your house.

Did you know?

  • Bamboo is the most beautiful evergreen wind chime you could ever hear.
  • Some bamboo shoots are edible and taste fantastic in a Chinese stir fry.
  • The timber from bamboo can be used in many ways for your garden and home.

Before and after Bamboo Photos of
Alphonse Karr

December 2007
Alphonse Karr bamboo in december 2007 as a before image

May 2008
Alphonse Karr bamboo in may 2008 to see the growth rate

December 2010
Alphonse Karr bamboo in december 2010.



Important Information

Bamboo will tolerate all soil types but may take longer to establish in very heavy clay.

When planting bamboo do not disturb the root ball and do not plant deeper than it is potted. Treat new bamboo as you would any other new plant until established. Once it is established it will be extremely water wise and almost totally self-sufficient.

Larger varieties can be grown in pots that will restrict their overall height, if you do not have the space to plant them in the ground.

If you have the space but do not want the height, bamboo can be pruned to any height and will not re-shoot from the cut. Pruning an established tree should be done once a year, as clumping varieties shoot mid to late summer and spreading varieties shoot from mid to late spring. This will give the bamboo ample time to build up energy and release the following season.

Every bamboo species we sell has been grown in Victoria and will cope with all weather conditions and temperatures this state can endure.

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