Pieioblastus viridistriatus chrysophyllus (Golden Pygmy Bamboo) Pieioblastus fortunei (Dwarf Whitestripe Bamboo)

Pieiobiastus pygmaeus (Pygmy Bamboo)

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Botanical Name:

Pleioblastus pygmaeus

Common Name:

Pygmy Bamboo

Maximum height:
60 cm

Cane diameter:
3 cm

Clump diameter ground cover:

Will tolerate minus temp:


Ground Cover Spreading Bamboo

Part Shade part shade for Pygmy Bamboo

Frost Tolerant frost tolerant Pleioblastus pygmaeus

Pygmy Bamboo is one of the smallest bamboos that can be planted in many ways as a border or ground cover. People have been known to plant pygmy as a lawn which can be walked on and mowed and looks great. It's also commonly used in Japanese gardens. Pygmy bamboo is very similar to dwarf fern leaf but its leaf doesn't display the fern like leaf grouping. Prefers some shade with little sun planting in full sun must kept moist.